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Eyelid surgical correction (blepharoplasty)

One of the most common complaints of patients seeking cosmetic surgery – yes that look tired because of heavy or puffy eyelids, saggy bags under the eyes.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction surgery) makes it possible to restore the energetic and youthful appearance of your eyes. However, this surgical procedure does not remove all the wrinkles around the eyes, and in particular, it does not remove the laugh lines.

Eyelid lift surgery can be performed only on the upper, or only on the lower eyelids, or on all four eyelids. Blepharoplasty can also be performed in combination with other surgeries, such as (correction of eyelid drooping (ptosis), eyebrow lift, facial skin lift, fillers injection (into vacant spaces under the eyes) as well as with skin renovation procedures.

Dr. Avisar will discuss with you all the available options in detail so that you can make a well-considered decision.

In most cases, eyelid lift surgery is not medically necessary and therefore is not covered by health insurance.

Before and after blepharoplasty



Course of the blepharoplasty surgery procedure

This procedure is often performed under local anesthesia, and there is no need to spend the night in the hospital. The procedure duration is no more than 1-2 hours, and if it has to do only with only the upper or only the lower eyelids, it takes even less time. Additional sedation ("tishtush") or general anesthesia may be prescribed.

Upper eyelids

In upper eyelid lift surgery, a thin incision is made in the existing fold of skin above each eye to minimize the postoperative scar. The crescent of excess skin and muscles is removed. In some cases, excess fat is also removed. The incisions are closed with thin sutures, which are usually removed within one to two weeks after surgery, or they dissolve on their own.

Lower eyelids

Lower eyelid protrusion can also be eliminated for young people whose eyes look tired despite the absence of visible excess skin. In this case, the operation on the lower eyelid is often performed from the inside of the eyelid without leaving a visible scar.

If there is excess skin to be removed, a small incision is made in the fold of the skin below the lash line next to it, within the natural fold of the skin, so that the scar is almost invisible. A procedure that removes only skin, and there is no excess fat is known as pinch blepharoplasty.

What to expect after blepharoplasty

After blepharoplasty, you may experience some swelling and small bruises; cold compresses and keeping the head elevated will help reduce discomfort.
• The bruises may completely disappear after three to four weeks, but usually after seven days they can be hidden with makeup.
• You may return to work after surgery if you wish, but if your job involves public appearances, due to bruising and swelling it may be worth delaying returning to work for about ten days after the surgery.
• It is important to avoid strenuous exercise during the first week after surgery, but you can fly by plane within a few days after the procedure.
• It is forbidden to swim for about four weeks due to the risk of infection.
Avoid lifting heavy weights, running and strenuous fitness training for approximately four weeks because these activities may lead to the increased risk of bruising and swelling.
• Use antibiotic eye creams prescribed to you for a few days after surgery.
• Avoid using contact lenses for at least 2 weeks after surgery because the eyelids may be stiff and the eyes may be dry.
• Some patients report that for several days their vision is blurred and/or they are sensitive to bright light.
• In rare cases, tiny cysts may appear along the suture line; they are easily removed in the clinic with a needle.

ניתוח תיקון פטוזיס ומתיחת עפעפיים

ניתוח תיקון פטוזיס ומתיחת עפעפיים

בוטוקס ומילוי קמטים

בוטוקס ומילוי קמטים

עיניים מימיות ודולפות (Epiphora)

עיניים מימיות ודולפות (Epiphora)

ניתוח פתיחת דרכי הדמעות

ניתוח פתיחת דרכי הדמעות

ניתוח העברת שומן (השתלת שומן)

ניתוח העברת שומן (השתלת שומן)
עיניים מימיות ודולפות (Epiphora)

Excessive tear production (epiphora)

ניתוח העברת שומן (השתלת שומן)

Surgical fat transfer

ניתוח הרמת עפעפיים (בלפרופלסטיקה)

Surgical correction of eyelid drooping and eyelid lift

בוטוקס ומילוי קמטים

Botox and wrinkle filling

ניתוח פתיחת דרכי הדמעות

Surgical opening of lacrimal canals (tear ducts)

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