Areas of specialization

מהי אוקולופלסטיקה

What is oculoplastics

Oculoplastics is a field of ophthalmology dealing with eyelids, tear ducts and eye sockets

both in medical and cosmetic aspects

ניתוח הרמת עפעפיים (בלפרופלסטיקה)

Surgical correction of the eyelids’ shape (blepharoplasty)

Eyes that look tired due to heavy or puffy eyelids is one of the most common complaints of patients seeking cosmetic surgery.

ניתוח תיקון פסוזיס ומתיחת עפעפיים

Surgical correction of eyelid drooping

Eyelid drooping (ptosis) is usually associated with age and occurs when the tendon of the muscle that lifts the eyelid is stretched; as a result, the eyelid drops too low.

בוטוקס ומילוי קמטים

Botox and wrinkle filling

With age, the volume of the face decreases, and the skin becomes flabby and loses its elasticity.

עיניים מימיות ודולפות (Epiphora)

Excessive tear production (epiphora)

Healthy eyes have to be moist, so a special tear gland located above the outer third of the upper eyelid produces tears.

ניתוח פתיחת דרכי הדמעות

Surgical opening of lacrimal canals (tear ducts)

One of the most common complaints of eye problems is excessive lacrimation, which can occur for many reasons. A comprehensive ophthalmological examination is necessary for determining the cause of excessive lacrimation.

ניתוח העברת שומן (השתלת שומן)

Surgical fat transfer

Loss of volume in the eyelids and cheeks can occur as a result of trauma, soft tissue radiation and inflammatory diseases, or as a result of aging.