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Guidelines after eyelids surgery

Dear patient,

You have undergone eyelid surgery. The recovery period after this surgery takes several weeks. In order to hasten your recovery and prevent complications it is important to observe certain rules and to follow instructions.

What will I have to do after the surgery?

  • Complete rest for 3 days after the surgery is extremely important.

  • It's recommended to maintain a sitting or reclining position with 2-3 pillows for supporting your head for 3 days after the surgery, especially at night. It is strongly recommended NOT to sleep on your stomach for approximately a week after the surgery.

  • Immediately after the surgery you should apply cold compress. If you have a dressing on the eye, you should start the compress application right after the dressing is removed. Cold compresses should be applied for the period of 5 days for 30 minutes every hour; i.e. the compress should be applied for 30 minutes and then there should be a 30-minute break.

  • Apply antibiotic ointment to the operated eye – both inside the eye and on the stitches – three times a day. If there is a band-aid on the stitches, you may wait till it peels off before applying the ointment (in most cases the band-aid peels off by itself in several days).

  • It's recommended to use lubricating eye drops after the surgery in order to preserve the eye moisture that is affected in the first two weeks after the surgery. 

  • In certain cases you will receive two kinds of pills to decrease the swelling and the edema after the surgery. You will have to start taking the pills in the morning after the surgery and continue taking them after breakfast for 3 days.

  • It is not recommended to wet your eyes for 24 hours after the surgery, but after that you can wash your eyes with clean water in order to keep the eyes and the operated area clean. You can use cotton wool, dipped in cooled boiled water, or a special eye wipe.

  • You are recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity for the first 14 days after the surgery. Please avoid swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool until after the stitches are removed.

  • After the surgery you should continue all the medication treatment, including the eye drops you use permanently and systemic medications including anticoagulants.

  • Please avoid scratching and rubbing the operated eye – this could cause the stitches’ disruption. If the threads’ ends are in the way, you may glue them with a band-aid near the eye.

How to make a compress?

  • To make cold compress – to put ice or frozen vegetable (for example, peas) on the eye; the ice or the vegetable should be in a plastic bag and wrapped in a wet gauze or cloth. Do not place the ice directly on the eye!

  • The compress should be applied on the closed eye for 30 minutes; then a break should be made for 30 minutes before applying the compress again. You should try to repeat this cycle 6-8 times a day.

  • It is recommended to continue the cold compresses application for 5 days and then switch to warm compresses – to soak a towel or a cotton pad in warm water, wring it out and apply on the closed eye. Please note that the compress should not be too hot. It is recommended to apply warm compresses 3-4 times a day.

You can:

  • Watch the TV, read books and newspapers. Please note that during the first weeks after the surgery your vision will be blurred and you may feel uncomfortable while reading and watching the TV.

  • In several days resume the office work or any other kind of work that does not require physical effort and does not involve exposure to dust or dirt.

  • Indulge in easy physical activity, like walking.

  • If your vision permits, you may resume driving in 3 days after the surgery.

Please remember

  • In the first days after the surgery you may feel mild pain / discomfort in the operated eye. Haemorrhages, swelling, foreign body sensation in the operated eye, tears and blurred vision are very common. Pain killers (Acamol, Optalgin, Advil, etc.) may be taken if necessary.

  • The control visit for removing the stitches will take place in a week or two after the surgery. Additional appointment will be made later if necessary.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,     


Dr. Inbal Avisar

In case of strong pain or severe visual impairment during the recovery period please turn immediately for medical check up.

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